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89,500 signatures mailed in so far. Our goal is 150,000.

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Your signature is urgently needed to reverse HB 3391’s
massive expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is HB 3391?
Signed into law on August 15 by Oregon Governor Kate Brown, HB 3391 dramatically expands taxpayer-funded abortion. The law allows tens of thousands of individuals who are covered by Providence Health Plans to obtain free, taxpayer-funded abortions. Further, it provides $500,000 to provide free (taxpayer-funded) abortions to undocumented residents through the Oregon Health Plan. Our petition will stop all taxpayer-funded abortions mandated by HB 3391. Read more here.

When are signatures due?
We ask that you mail the petition(s) you print from this website back to us within 3 days, if possible. Our self-imposed deadline for the petition drive is December 31, 2017. Please do not wait until the last moment to get involved. We need your help now.

How many signatures are needed?
117,578 valid Oregon voter signatures are needed to qualify our measure for the November, 2018 ballot. Our goal is to turn in at least 150,000 to account for mistakes and other reasons that state elections officials disqualify signatures.

I don’t have a printer. How can I sign the petition?
If you don’t have a printer we are happy to mail you a 10-signature petition. Click here to place an order. There is not, unfortunately, a way to sign the petition electronically. State law requires all petitions to be signed with ink on paper.

I want to help gather more signatures. Should I just print a bunch of copies of the one-signature petition sheet?
You can print a copy for each voting member of your household to sign. However, if you want to gather additional signatures outside of your home click here to place an order for 10-signature petitions.

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» Get help with signing or circulating the petition

» Learn about the petition drive, and about how our state tax dollars are funding abortions

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