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Bring the Petition Drive to Your Church


“Nobody has any idea, unless they’ve walked this road,
how devastating abortions can be on women.”
—Michelle Yates, Oregon Life United volunteer


Oregon churches are invited to gather signatures to protect women and babies from abortion.

What’s this about?

This is an Oregon ballot initiative to prohibit state funding for elective abortions. In order to qualify for the next general election ballot we need more than 117,000 registered Oregon voters to sign the petition.

» View overview brochure for churches (PDF)

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How can my church help?

Participation by Oregon churches is critical to the success of this petition drive. Here are two ways your church can make a big difference:

  1. Talk about the petition from your pulpit. These speaking notes (PDF) will help you communicate with church members about the petition.
  2. Gather signatures before and after church services. We recommend scheduling your petition drive on two or more consecutive weekends during the months of December or January.

Get started! Use this checklist to plan your petition drive.

What can we use to promote our church petition drive?

You can download the following files to promote your church petition drive.

Have any pastors endorsed this effort?

Yes! More than 540 churches have already signed up to help gather signatures. Additionally, dozens of pastors from many denominations — including Catholic, Baptist, Nazarene, Assemblies of God, Calvary Chapel, and more — have added their names to our list of supporters. Click here to see the list of pastors who have endorsed this petition.

Randy Alcorn, a former pastor and author of more than fifty books, has written a couple wonderful articles about our petition on the Eternal Perspectives Ministries website.

Randy also has recorded two short videos here and here.

Archbishop Alexander Sample has written two letters of endorsement to encourage all Catholics to sign and circulate the petition, here and here.

Bishop Liam Cary has also written two wonderful letters of support, here and here.

I’m not a pastor. How can I get my church involved?

Talk with your pastor about why this petition drive is important to you. Then, ask your pastor for permission to gather signatures on Sunday mornings (or whatever day your church meets). In order to be the most effective, you’ll want to get organized and ask other people to circulate the petition with you. We call this being a “Church Captain.” Click here to learn more about being a Church Captain.

Is it OK to circulate petitions at church?

Yes! It’s OK for pastors and church members to speak from the pulpit in support of this ballot initiative, and also to gather petition signatures on Sunday mornings (or whatever day your church meets). According to the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), “Public Charities, Churches and Synagogues May Participate in Referendums, Constitutional Amendments and Ballot Propositions and Initiatives.” (View source.)

When are signatures due?

This statewide petition drive is a big effort, and we are asking churches to complete their petition drive during the months of January or February, if possible. The final deadline is still a few months away, but we hope you will not wait until the last minute. Use this checklist to get started!

I have more questions! Who do I ask?

There’s a page on this website called About the Petition which has lots of good information. If you have questions about how to gather signatures be sure to check out the page called Get Help & Training. Still have questions? Please contact us.


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